Pirat Chappel is a kaleidoscope of olds-modern. It is a world of exclusive, handmade accessories which are designed to enhance and highlight the wearer’s inner beauty.


Every single thing is a work of art, looking for the right owner - there is “the one” Pirat Chappel accessory for everyone.

We provide a wide range of feminine finery to glorify the evening gown as well as little something to spice up your everyday outfit.
You can find yourself something that emphasizes your personality whether you are a gothic goddess, city-babe, office-lady or romantic retro-lover.
Our accessories help you to accentuate your uniqueness and natural beauty regardless of the event you are attending - a simple all-nite party, a gaudy, a wedding, a workday in office or a rock/pop festival – a compatible choice of a Pirat Chappel can light up them all.


As every piece is hand-made, there can be no absolutely identical pieces even if the pattern is the same. The “human factor” is unstable and therefore the “handwriting” is a little different every time even if you perform the same performance a million times over.


We also have a bespoke tailoring service: we make dresses and costumes. Please send your ideas and questions regarding to that section to  If we find it to be in accord with our conception of style and taste, we will make a deal.  
If not, we will suggest you another master.