We do honour the old, but we believe in modern times and changes as well. Our concept is to find clever and chic ways to revitalize grandmother’s legacy of accessorizing. We play with ideas, materials and techniques until we find an accessory satisfying our standards of taste and style.  


Every single Pirat Chappel accessory is handmade.

All the details are prepared using the secret knowledge of our grandmothers, who were the masters of lace. The process of joining the details into a beautiful accessory is also a work of artisan. The details are joined one by one with ultimate care, so that the products were more resistant in time and would not fall apart even if torn.
The final touch is given by artist who, one by one, adds the layer of fixative that helps to keep the form, makes them more resistant and adds the luxurious glow or velvety shadow.  

The materials are chosen to be as skin-friendly as possible. The fastenings that can be in contact with skin are made from silver or non-allergenic materials. For extra glamorus look we use silver details which are covered with gold.




Basic cautions and instructions:


- if  you would like your accessories to last longer then take care of personal hygiene - the products are made from textile and, if in contact with skin, will soil almost as fast as clothes.

- the P.C. accessories are fine with some rain or snowfall, but do not tolerate soaking in water and will wear out faster if constantly kept in very damp environment.

- if you would like to wash them, then please take into account that they will be without shape and form after the wash and will lose their glow or will glow less, or the glow will lose its structure.
- they can be cleaned manually, using a little, slightly damp or dry brush. Brushing has to be very brief and quick.